Have you ever find your soulmate? Have you ever find the person with whom you have a natural affinity? Well before we go through that, do you really believe in soulmate?

According to Plato, each human would forever
long for his/her other half; the other half of his/her soul. It is said
that when the two find each other, there is an unspoken
understanding of one another, that they feel unified and would lie with
each other in unity and would know no greater joy than that. According to current usage of the term ‘soulmate’, it usually refers to a romantic partner, with
the implication of an exclusive lifelong bond.  This is to say, the
word is used with more rarity than other terms associated with
‘romantic partner’. It is a very versatile term, being defined differently
by different individuals, as it is related to the concept of love. In contrast to all of this, some psychologists state that believing that a soulmate exists
specifically for a person is an unrealistic expectation.

Well, soulmate for me is a person who is really suited for you emotionally and who can understand your feelings deep down and is willing to understand you more. I think it’s not merely looking at him for the first time and thinking that he’s the one. Some may be lucky  enough to feel that first time sparks. But for some, it really took them a long time before they’ll realized that it’s him or her. Since It’s a cold rainy day in here, I think It’ll be awesome to share with you my personal precious soulmate story:) This was actually written last May 26,2015 and I’ve just got the drive to share it. And yes,this is my story 🙂 Happy reading! here it is 🙂

I was walking around the corner of our college school back then. I was so simple. I can remember myself wearing that clean old-style jeans,simple shirt and sneakers. Then suddenly,I can feel that someone is staring, looking curiously at me. I started to feel conscious, then finally started to look back. I can feel that cool wind touching my face then I can see you. You were there. I was feeling ambivalent then suddenly my vision was blurring out. I walked fast-paced then little by little until the silhouette of you was gone. I can’t remember how many times these scenes have happened repeatedly at dissimilar circumstances. You were there, you were staring, laying your eyes on me and I was like incredibly afflicted and compassionate on the way you gape me.

There was this one time,my father was just two meters away from me as we were crossing that pedestrian lane. And you were there,again. But it was different this time. You were riding on your two-wheeled engine. You stopped and told me to cross first then smiled. I smiled back and whispered “thank you”. You were there, and that spark,there it is again. I felt something different and that was amazingly beautiful. Some people might not understand. But, so what? I feel it and it was so brilliant and unexplainable. That spark was so agonizing just like in the movies. We haven’t got that perfect time to communicate and connect. That time, I suppose I was just fantasizing it.

A year later,destiny has brought us back to finally and officially meet each other. l somehow felt sorry about myself creating delusions through my imaginations. It was then clear to me after we met. I’m not even bringing up those issues about us being familiar just before we met. It was you who loves bringing it up and I was like changing the topic. I know you have so much to say , I can even feel it just by looking at your brown eyes. I have my reasons to ignore you at that time cause situations are just chaotic. I just assume that it was just curiosity that made you look at me like that and that curiosity might just be answered especially at this time that we are already friends. We have each others reason about that. Despite of that chaos we were happy being friends. Then that friendship develops into infatuation. Then you finally courted me. We enjoyed each others company everyday. Then months later we were officially a couple. I can’t believe that it’s been five years since then. We were still amazingly together. You really never gave up on me through my happy and darkest times. You love me unconditionally despite of my imperfections. You are indeed my heart, my love, my home , my comfort zone, my alter ego, companion, confidante, friend, heart’s desire, kindred soul, kindred spirit, lover, and definitely my soulmate<3



Hope you enjoyed my story 🙂 I sincerely appreciate your time 🙂 Feel free to leave your comments or suggestions. You are all welcome to jot down your personal soulmate story on my comment box for it to be more exciting. You can also email me at I have also my intagram account,just search on cayleaalexus. Thank you!

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